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A single plumbing leak can cost you thousands. Protect your business or home with the original wireless water leak detector and shut-off system. When a waterleakXsystems' commercial grade sensor detects a leak, it instantly shuts off the main water valve, and alerts you via text or email.


Enjoy the peace of mind you'll have knowing our system doesn't just detect a leak, it stops the leak immediately.

A plumbing system failure ranks as a top 5 reason for insurance claims every year. Most systems on the market will sense a leak and send you an alert. But what if you're away? Your carpet, walls, and flooring could be ruined before a plumber can even get there. waterleakXsystems automatically shuts off the valve, minimizing potential damage.

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"Once we experienced water damage in our home, I made a decision to thoroughly research prevention options. I found an array of systems that would detect water leaks but only ONE system that would automatically turn off the water supplied by a WELL. That system is the waterleakXsystem. It worked PERFECTLY two weeks after installation, when a leak occurred behind our toilet. The leak was detected by the sensor nearby. The sensor made a beeping noise, sent a signal to the operating system which, in turn, initiated a thorough process to turn off the main water source and drain the water from the pressure tank. The water DRIP did not turn into a FLOOD! Without our new system, the damage from our water leak could have been disastrous. My plumber who installed his first waterleakXsystem at our home is now recommending it to all his clients."

- Vicki W.